“Scriverti qualcosa” new video

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This is the third video I made for a song out of  “All’inverno” EP.

This time I didn’t use any old footage like I did for the two previous videos though, but I actually filmed myself writing and then dropping sheets of paper into ink stained water. It was all home made with my old camera and poor experience in a few hours on xmas eve, but I hope someone will appreciate this first attempt nonetheless.



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This is the new video for Un’eternità, from “All’inverno” EP.

It features footage from “The City” (1939) and “San Francisco building demolition”

First review / recensione

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ViVa Magazine published the first ever review of a record by Tajga. You can read it here (page 38 – it’s in Italian) or, if you live in Varese or nearby you can grab for free a copy of the magazine itself.

Here’s my favourite part:

Le canzoni di questo EP hanno la lapidaria
icasticità delle poesie di un verso solo dei
La Quiete, riescono ad aprirti e farti
sanguinare nel giro di una frase

(You must know that I love La Quiete!)



New video!

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This is the new video for Vuoto, from “All’inverno” EP.

It features old footage from “De les van het verleden”

“All’inverno” EP (2012)

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All'inverno EP 2012


  1. Vuoto
  2. Scriverti qualcosa
  3. Un’eternità
  4. Terza legge

Winter seems to be back in Glasgow today, with snowflakes and everything, and the new EP by Tajga is here at last! Finally avalaible for you to listen, these 4 songs have been recorded in Varese last summer, as you may have read in my previous posts, with the help of a few friends who not only took care of all the stuff related to recording and mastering but actually played as well. That’s right, that’s the first release by Tajga featuring other people too. Hooray!

Together with the songs you will find a nice booklet with lyrics (both in Italian and translated in English), release notes, credits and so on.

[to download it click on the album cover]


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This will be the title of the new EP.

“To the winter”

We finished recording

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Not only we finished to record the 4 new tracks, but already started to mix them at Danilo’s place last Tuesday. Since tomorrow I’ll be on my way back kto Glasgow where I’m planning to stay for a while, Danilo and Yed will work at the mixing on their own. In the meantime here are some more pictures.