The recordings have started

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Last Saturday we went to Spazio 21 in Varese to record the drum parts of three songs: Vuoto, Scriverti qualcosa and Terza legge. We chose this club, run by Red Box and situated in a large disused shed, since we wanted to get a natural reverberation.

Here are some pictures taken by Yed.


Spazio 21

Spazio 21



Lorenzo playing


Me playing along.


lorenzo, alessandro, daniele

Lorenzo (playing), Daniele, and Alessandro (recording).

Hidden somewhere, Danilo was helping us with the set-up, too.




We’re getting ready…

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I started rehearsing the first of the four new songs to be recorded with a drummer (Lorenzo) and a bass player (Francesco) a few days ago. The song is called “Scriverti qualcosa” (that is: “writing something to/for you”) and will probably end to be the second one in the final tracklist. While we were playing in Yed’s cellar, a storm started outside. Nice to hear all the noise, but no so nice when we had to run with our instruments to our cars.

I must remember to bring a camera next time, so I can share with everyone a few pictures of us :)


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Here are the cups I made for Tajga. They will probably also remain the only two (but one can never tell). Wouldn’t you love to have your tea in one of them? ;)

“Tramonto” EP (2011)

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Tajga EP 2010


  1. Esposizione
  2. Vedere attraverso le cose
  3. Disegni
  4. Dei presagi

The second EP was recorded between the last days of 2010 and the first weeks of 2011, mostly in my Glasgow flat – apart for a song recorded at home, in Italy. As the previous one, I made everything by myself and you can hear it here or here.

You can have a copy of the EP (another CD-R in a slim jewel case with a 4-page liner note booklet) at the price you want. Just contact me :)

“Tajga” EP (2010)

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Tajga EP 2010


  1. Il sole nascosto dalle fiamme
  2. Al freddo, il pomeriggio
  3. Passi
  4. PiĆ¹ nulla

“Sounds best in complete darkness. When outside it’s cold. With your headphones on”

This homemade EP contains the first 4 songs written by Tajga. Everything was recorded and mixed by myself in October of 2010, in a Glasgow flat where I used to live.

You can download it here or here

If you rather have a copy of the actual disc, just contact me and I will dispatch it to you. It’s a CD-R with a 4-page liner note booklet, and it comes in a nice numbered red paper case. You make the price!


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As Tajga will be soon recording a new 4-song EP, I decided to celebrate opening this blog. Here you will find updates on the recording sessions, live appearences and whatever interesting or not-so-interesting Tajga is doing at the moment or in the near future. Enjoy! :)